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SMEs gain the IT retail edge

Innovative and cost effective models created to keep in mind the needs of the SME sector in India

IT retailers have realised the massive potential that the SME sector in India holds and are accordingly coming up with models and schemes keeping in mind the specific needs of the sector. Lenovo, one of the biggest brands in the Indian PC market, recently announced launch of retail stores dedicated solely to the small business sector.

The international computer giant kept in mind the financial constraints of the sector and came up with services and products that are flexible and durable. Considering the rapidly growing nature of small and medium businesses in India and concepts such as bring-your-own-device, this is an important trend in the IT retail sector that seems to have just taken off.
Keeping in mind the needs of small businesses and the commercial customers, Fujitsu India recently announced the launch of more than 10 new notebook models, which is likely to take the notebook market by storm. Price range starting at Rs 21,995, five of the new models of notebook are already available for retail in India.
Known for their innovation and expertise in providing business solutions, Fujitsu has over the years stood out for its commitment to green and human centric devices. Considering the size of the notebook market in India and the price range and features of the Fujitsu notebooks, the move could mark the beginning of a new trend of IT players coming up with more sector specific products.
Fujitsu Lifebooks
According to Alok Sharma, country manager - Workplace Systems for Fujitsu India, “The broad Fujitsu LIFEBOOK portfolio offers a range of entry-level and more powerful, individual solutions for growing organisations. Every Fujitsu LIFEBOOK delivers highest reliability, driven by a unique combination of German precision engineering and Japanese quality, supported by 30 years of experience. This unbeatable combination is now available at very affordable price-points, ex-stock in India.”
In a press statement, Ramprasad Lakshminarayan, general manager - Channel Business at Fujitsu India said about the retail aspect of the newly launched product, “The Fujitsu client products with their promise of quality are available through a wide network of partners in the country. Fujitsu India partners with four leading distributors in the country and this has further enhanced product availability in leading metros as well as Tier II cities via our partner network.”
Not only do the latest notebook models boast of the latest features but have also been designed according to the needs of small businesses. As a brand, Fujitsu is already known for making products that are reliable, long lasting and competitively priced; the new launch however is expected to significantly enhance the company’s market share in the notebook retail sector.
For a nation where the majority of business fall in the SME category, IT retailers are coming up with these schemes at a crucial time and the early birds may just be able to retain their market share for a long time. This trend also indicates that Indian IT players are realising the importance of focusing on the retail aspect of business. 

Tias Chakraborty

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