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Retail Case Study

Wooqer’s tuto implementation for Van Heusen

Bengaluru based Wooqer helping retailers set up infrastructure for managing store operations through its offering ‘Tuto’

Tuto is a do-it-yourself platform with analytics at core and offers users a set of business tools that they can use to create various training modules, surveys, audits, checklists, appraisals, feedback initiatives, data management, as well as complex processes. Information is collected and reports generated on a real-time basis with advanced analytics on consumption patterns. E-mail and SMS integration is one of the many features offered by the platform.

How it helps
  • Visual merchandising implementation audits were typically difficult to do as when done in person, only key city stores got covered and outstation stores used to get covered only once or twice a year. Getting pictures on e-mail made it difficult to track who has sent pictures and who hasn’t and slippages were high. Even where the reviews happened, there was no record of trends and ability to help was low. VM audits on tuto are helping regional managers ensure 100% audit coverage, while being able to keep track of past trends and feedback given to stores in the past. Automated reminders and notifications ensure that slippages are reduced and where present, escalated for interventions. Poor performance on audits gets highlighted for necessary action.
  • Global stock counts have typically been reported through e-mails. The exercise was usually done at stores daily and reported to regional managers weekly. There was no way for the regional manager to know if the activity indeed happened on all days or if the data got plugged in just before sending the report. Also, checking that data is coming in from all stores each week led to a few hours of monitoring and follow up effort with stores. The global stock count happening on tuto has led to regional managers having real-time visibility into daily status and slippage on any day gets escalated the same day leading to better control. Regional managers end up having a few hours more each week, which can be utilised for interventional action rather than monitoring and follow ups.
The tuto advantage
Retailers are using the tuto toolsets to automate various processes running across the organisation. Some top examples include: New employee joining, Inductions, DSRs, Global stock count, Store audits, Visual Merchandising implementation and management, Snag reporting, Fire & Safety audits, Legal audits, Training and development and New store opening process management.
“The ease of use for store managers and the ability to manage all aspects of retail operations in one single place makes it really easy for me to manage all my stores a lot more effectively. The SMS and e-mail notifications on non-compliance of processes help me take corrective action immediately. I am able to shift my efforts from monitoring to action,” says Ankur Kansal, regional manager at Van Heusen.
Regional managers have been key beneficiaries on account of ability to track and manage stores on all aspects of operations. The ability to use the tuto toolsets to create their own solutions has empowered regional managers to innovate and create new and unique ways of working, while deriving efficiencies for themselves.
Regional initiatives around staff recognition, contests, fun at work, training and development programs and regional processes have been key areas of innovation. Most initiatives take 80% lesser time for end-to-end completion, thus helping them release time for more strategic efforts.
This case study has been done by Wooqer.

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