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Home décor retail on a rise

Innovative wallpapers and entry of new players is gradually transforming the home décor market in India

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Walls in our houses and offices lend a heartbeat to our spaces. Our forefathers painted their caves and even the mighty Romans and other royalty spared no expenses in doing them up. Why then are our walls today left to coats of dull paint? Why can’t our places of work and leisure reflect our personality and imagination? Wallpapers, though available in the market for a long time could never take off completely as a concept in India. On one hand, there are few retailers selling quality wallpapers and most of the new home buyers prefer being conservative when it comes to painting their homes.

An innovative player
The scenario however is gradually changing with Indian consumers turning to the Web for their home décor needs. One brand that is likely to set a benchmark in this sector is Gloob, an e-commerce portal that sells innovative wallpapers and graphic stickers.
Ankur Muchhal, founder and director of XION Media Labs, the parent company of Gloob, explains, “In today’s time people are facing various health hazards even during renovating their houses, the risky fumes that arises from paints can harm the health. especially of the little kids at home. But with the design patterns coming into the Indian market people are getting more relieved from all tensions. We reflected that in the busy lives we lead today, plans to revamp our living spaces remain as just that – plans. So for months on end our rooms end up wearing the same old boring look. With Gloob, the idea was to offer a platform where people could find the best in home-decor all at one place. Apart from decorating the home, it is also an ideal gift at various occasions like marriages, home warming parties, anniversaries and the like.”
Changing patterns
Designs available include nature, characters, musical instruments, concept art work and the like that adds life to the walls apart from bringing positivity and happiness in the surroundings. Certain patterns available create a wonderful three dimensional effect taking you out of the boring monochromatic ambience.
According to Vaastu Shashtra, the negativity which is brought into house by vaastu defects can be cured by putting up paintings on the wall. The positive energy is brought into the house by paintings of flowers, flowing water, trees and other such colorful wall arts.
Snehangshu Chakraborty, proprietor of Eco-Sylvia Interiors, an interior design firm in Kolkata, “This is a really new and innovative concept. I think such a concept will take off quickly in the Indian market as customer preferences are changing quickly.”
Changing consumer patterns and the entry of e-commerce portals like Gloob are a major step in the transformation of the interior design industry. Buoyed by the growing real estate market and the increase in investment in interior design, it is likely that more players will look to tap the sector. The size of the retail market for home décor and new home needs is clearly evident through the success of stores such as Hometown. As far as online retailing is concerned, Gloob has set the tone for the future.
Tias Chakraborty

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