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Online marketing gaining foothold in India

Being widely considered as the better and smarter way of shopping, online shopping is quickly gaining popularity in India

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The Internet has transformed life in ways more than one. One of the most important and significant developments has been the way people shop for goods and services. Online shopping has now become a part and parcel of daily life. Internet marketing or e-marketing, as it is popularly called, is broader in scope because it not only includes marketing through the Internet, but also shopping done via e-mail. Online shopping sites offer multiple ranges of products to choose from, based on ones needs.

Retail goods marketing has been the latest and perhaps the most significant addition to this section. Sites like eBay, FutureBazaar, Quikr, Flipkart and Yebhi have made it big by selling products like shoes, clothing, mobiles, jewellery, bags, sunglasses, watches, cameras and other products online. The added advantage about the products sold by these sites is that many of the products sold are discounted, which make them more cost worthy than the same products sold in stores. Customers are also provided with online coupons, gift certificates, promotional codes based on special offers as a result of which a considerable amount is often knocked off.
According to frequent online customer Sarnali Bose, “I prefer buying electronic gadgets online. It is more convenient as the product is delivered to the house.”
Another fact which adds to the advantage is that these sites provide complete information about the products to be sold, their features, product description, sizes, models, colours, prices and many more details.
Customer reviews
Most of the sites contain an added segment of customer review wherein the customers can get information about their products. The reviews are not only provided by experts but also by fellow shoppers. According to a review, 57% online respondents consider reviews prior to buying. Reviews on cars (45%) and software (37%) made up the top three most important online influences when making a purchase.
The review also shows that 40% of online shoppers opine that they would not even buy electronics without consulting online reviews first. Somnath Karmakar, a software developer in Creative Fingers and a regular online shopping buyer, said, “The reviews provided by the website are quite helpful. They help a person form a clear opinion about the product quality and durability.”
Yebhi.com, online lifestyle portal deals in myriad categories of products including shoes, clothing, mobiles, jewellery, bags, sunglasses, watches and accessories and now they have added cameras to their portfolio as well.
Yebhi’s has also recently unveiled New & Fashionable Trends in real jewellery which includes exquisite styles one usually looks for. A customer can choose from a variety of designs, to suit any upcoming occasion like Karwa Chauth, DhanTeras, Diwali and even Bhai Dooj.
Having started primarily with books, Flipkart has been dynamic in expanding its horizon and has now even included electronics among its deliverables. This indicates the high growth witnessed and generated by the online retailing segment. Therefore, in the coming days, more retail companies are likely to enter this space and make it even more competitive for these players.
Sambuddha Sengupta

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