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Solitaire jewellery becoming increasingly popular - Jignesh Mehta, Divine Solitaires

Recent trends reflect that solitaires are increasingly being used to enhance fashion, luxury and lifestyle quotients

A woman has always been passionate about the jewellery that adorns her and adds charm to her persona. When it comes to women’s solitaire jewellery, there are various new jewellery trends that appear every season. While historicallygold ornaments have been the first choice of consumers specifically women, solitaires are fast becoming the rage among buyers. The traditional gold buyers have plenty to choose from the wide range of solitaire earrings, pendants and necklaces. People are increasingly considering gold as old-fashioned and now looking at the white bauble with greater interest. That’s not all, as this might be the right time to buy solitaires from an investment perspective too. What’s more, the solitaire prices have also been more stable than the gold prices.

There are various options available and a woman has plenty to choose from the wide range of solitaire earrings, pendants and necklaces. Now it is becoming a trend to gift solitaire jewellery on special occasions like anniversary and ring ceremony and also to use solitaire to evoke emotions like motherhood, accomplishments, status and so on. Additionally, recent trends reflect that solitaires are increasingly being used to enhance fashion, luxury and lifestyle quotients.
Growing trend
The trend today is not confined only to females, as it is being observed that even male consumers are increasingly inclining towards solitaire jewellery, which is specially crafted for the gender.  For example, a solitaire studded tie pin and solitaire bracelet for men. When it comes to the male gender, it is more about making a statement which signifies their position in the society and talks about their achievements and status. Apart from this, a trend being witnessed is that males are also using solitaires for astrological purposes. With the increased level of awareness, Indian consumers now give more consideration to quality and assortments of products. Divine Solitaires always strives to fulfil all the desires of consumers by offering them finest quality product of unparalleled craftsmanship and at the same time monitoring the changing consumer preferences and tailoring products and services accordingly.
The diamond industry is an unorganised market; many a times the grading institutes do not consider imperfections like extra facet or cavities or naturals (unpolished facet) nor do they consider colour overtones or lustre weak diamonds. There is no standard and transparent market mechanism that enforces standards across the industry for fair and transparent pricing.  It is precisely to address these issues and to empower the customer that Divine Solitaires branded diamond program was launched with the goal to bring transparency in the diamond trade and to make it simple and easy for an average person to be sure about the price and authenticity of the diamond that he or she is buying.
Steps to attract customers
For jewellery manufacturers as well as retail distributors, it is important to have detailed knowledge on the distribution system. Retail distributors of jewellery can also use the web based sales module as well in order to promote sales. Companies should also look to attract customers who come to the client website to check the prices of diamond they have bought and the appreciation on the prices since their purchase.  
Jignesh Mehta is the managing director of Divine Solitaires.

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