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E-retailing - The Consumer’s convenience - Manoj Gupta,

Online retailing popularly known as E-retailing is gaining the momentum as the Internet is becoming more and more popular among people

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Who thought that shopping one day will become a relaxing task by just opening a browser, moving the cursor to search a product online and making a purchase. The e-generation has to just put one’s feet up and take a look at the entire products available on the web store. Consumer eliminates most of the problems faced like – traffic, commuting to far of places to purchase their desired product, standing on long checkout queues or to inspect dozens of shops to compare pricing. Online shopping has become a perfect synergy for savvy online consumers who maintain a balance between hectic schedules and try to make the most out of their available time.

But to make this online shopping convenient to the e-generation, the e-tailers must have a firm grip on the various factors like the site architecture, enough content to describe the product and the schemes available.
Consumers to CSR
With internet’s gaining popularity and various uses it is now possible to contribute to the society. Internet is here to help the artisan to tap the potential market without the help of any middlemen. is an initiative for the uplifting and promoting the artisan and helping them in earning their livelihood. With middlemen appropriating the surplus of rural artisans who make products ranging from bamboo mattresses to candles, the website is dedicated to help them realise fair value of their produce by selling through websites.
With a huge demand for handicrafts and greencraft products in India and most importantly in abroad, the Internet has become a great CSR tool by eliminating middlemen and allowing the artisan earning their deserved value.
E-retailing heading towards social media
One of the limitations of online shopping is the fear of dupe or security and is inherently considered risky. E-retailing companies need their customers to maintain trust on them.
The latest trend is “social media marketing campaigns”, which are used by a company as a robust branding tool. It not only increases sales through promotion, but also spreads brand awareness.
Why E-shopping
How often do you see an advertisement of an online portal offering ‘n’ number of merchandising, goods or services? The only reason behind this mega buzz is the increasing number of internet users. More than 7% of total population of India is using the Internet nowadays. Not only Internet, the number of debit/credit card users is also increasing. People find it very convenient due to various reasons:
  • Heavy discounts
  • Great variety
  • Comparison availability
  • Multiple brands
  • Nice product display
Besides, people started preferring online shopping for various security related issues as well. But the fact remains the same - that even after huge publicity stunts people either are not regular or not properly aware/educated to make an online purchase. On the other hand, shipping and transporting has improved tremendously, leading towards timely delivery of the purchased goods.
With new foreign trade policies and increased demand of handicraft products in foreign countries, it is expected that the demand will get a hike. People in other countries appreciate the creativity of artisans from India. The products available at are of really high quality and are the results of sweating hard work of artisans. Our motive is to make people aware of these products which are not only trendy and peppy but certainly add a new flavour to your personality and lifestyle.
Manoj Gupta is the founder of, a leading online webstore for handicrafts and green-craft products

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