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Retail Biz Personality of the Fortnight

True visionary- Rasulbhai Adamji, Adamis

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With his utmost dedication and perseverance, Rasulbhai Adamji, Director of Adamis, has successfully taken his company to a formidable position in the leather retail sector in Mumbai. Adamis deals with leather accessories and the wide array of products that Adamis offers has been an exclusive style statement for clients in India and across the globe.
Venturing into the retail sector
According to Mr Adamji, the absence of a well-spread clientele makes it difficult for a small business to thrive. Hence, Mr Adamji knew that offering valued and quality products and services to his clients was the only way to lure customers.
The success of a small business also depends upon the strong leadership and management skills and innovative ideas. These were the points which Mr Adamji always kept in mind while struggling to gain his foothold in the sector.
After having completed his graduation in Marketing from Mumbai University in 1959, Mr Adamji entered the retail space by setting up a small business called Adamis in 1965. He started out by supplying high quality leather goods to manufacturers of leather products. After several years of his journey as a supplier, he later offered premium leather accessories for a highly defined market.
Overseeing expansion
Lack of adequate funds was one of the major challenges that Mr Adamji faced in his initial years in the business. However, he overcame this obstacle with strong determination.
He was adept with the business tactics which are required to manage a business. He felt that operationally efficient tactics, sound financials and a solid start-up team were the basic necessities which had to be in place for an effective business undertaking.
Having understood the market dynamics thoroughly, Mr Adamji took a step forward in his business approach. He attempted to perk up the existing customers and provide them with a better deal. This helped him in expanding his business further.
Apart from wholesaling and retailing products such as leather bags, upholstery, shoes and watch-straps to domestic manufacturers, Mr Adamji diversified his business by exporting leather goods to the UK, Germany, Spain and the Middle East countries.
Mr Adamji also entered into a joint venture with Stanley Seating of Bengaluru to open Stanley Boutiques in Mumbai. Later, he signed a contract with furniture companies such as La-z-boy and Calligaris of Italy and Ekornis of Sweden.

Mr Adamji feels that if the product development, pricing and positioning is done tactfully, marketing and promoting a product becomes extremely easy. “Better marketing culminates into increased sales,” feels Mr Adamji.
The clientele of Adamis involves some of the distinguished and big corporate families of Mumbai.
The way ahead
A skillful administrator, Mr Adamji is currently concentrating on establishing Adamis as a successful brand in India and abroad. “Though the company’s expansion plans have been stalled in the wake of worsening economic conditions, we are focusing on expanding our distribution chain in order to achieve a pan-India presence,” he says.

Mr Adamji aims to set up an Adamis brand store in all the major metros of the country within the next two years and he feels that the most efficient way of achieving this goal is by entering into franchise arrangements.

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