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Retail Biz – Personality of the Fortnight

Sprinting ahead

S Karthikeyan, Chairman, Sprint Technologies

S Karthikeyan, with his strong business ethics and relentless efforts, has made Sprint Technologies one of the prominent names in the retail industry. Sprint Technologies is retailer and wholesaler of office automation products, trading in fax machines, laser printers, photo copiers, etc.

What sets him apart

Mr Karthikeyan’s sheer commitment and extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit place him in a distinct position in the industry. His unique skills and talents have ensured the consistent growth of Sprint Technologies. Under his guidance, the company has been constantly implementing significant structural and business changes in order to establish itself as a highly focussed organisation, right from its inception in 1998. Mr Karthikeyan’s administrative skills and his ability to strike high value deals are one of the keys to the company’s consistent growth.

Formula of success

Mr Karthikeyan’s unique operational skills have led the organisation to work as closely as possible with its customers. Today, under his leadership, the company is equipped with a workforce that has strong will-power, commitment and dedication. He says, “I am happy that we have been successful in bringing together a team that will surely help the company reach new standards in the retail industry.” He is known to have the ability to read the retail market trends extremely well.

It is the quality of the products that makes or mars the image of any organisation in the market. Keeping this in mind, his company procures its products exclusively from a certified and authentic vendor base spread throughout the country. Under his supervision, Sprint Technologies has acquired a competitive edge over the other global retail players in terms of stringent quality checks, spacious warehouses and reasonable product prices.

Diversifying, spreading risks

Mr Karthikeyan has mentored his company in such a way that Sprint Technologies is now considered one of the foremost retailers and wholesalers of office automation products. Some of the vendors from whom the company procures its products are Konica Minolta, Panasonic, Sony, BenQ and Samsung.
Industry perspective

Mr Karthikeyan’s supervision has guided Sprint Technologies in its quality consciousness, and the firm produces flawless products with guaranteed inspection at every step.

He explains, “My strict adherence to quality parameters will hopefully help the company establish itself in the competitive global market.” His managerial skills have ensured that the company wins repeated orders from its wide clientele. Under his management, the company employed a proficient team, encompassing hardware engineers, quality experts, procurement agents, sales and marketing supervisors.

His organised business approach has led the entire workforce to work in close coordination to deliver the goods.

Future plans

Through Mr Karthikeyan’s effective supervision and dexterous management, Sprint Technologies has established itself in the market as a reputed retailer of office automation products. His relentless efforts towards improvement will only widen the company’s reach and win more clients across the globe.

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