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The business of providing peace of mind

Amit Sharma - Proprietor, Base Projects Services

Amit Sharma, the proprietor of Base Projects Services, is a visionary who pioneered the concept of familiarising and educating people with the importance of using advanced and superior technological security devices in the country. 

What sets him apart

At a time when people were unaware of video cameras and their high-end utilities and installation processes, Mr Sharma thought of starting a business enterprise that would mainly deal with products like closed circuit television cameras (CCTVs) and Dome cameras which can be installed in offices and other commercial centres. Mr Sharma felt a strong need for such advanced security solutions, and commenced the operations of Base Projects Service on August 16, 1997, just after his completing his graduation.

Formula of success

The spurt in terrorist attacks after 1995 necessitated a change in the age-old security systems which existed then. Fire alarm systems, public address systems, security systems, digital video recorders, access controls and various surveillance solutions were extremely necessary for the Indian market. He took the initiative and started dealing with such products that were in high demand. This led his business to prosper and from then onwards Mr Sharma has climbed the ladder of success as an entrepreneur.

Challenges on the way

Mr Sharma had to cope with various types of challenges over the years. Since people were not familiar with such superior technologies and products, the company was not successful in posting adequate sales figures. The engineers were not well-trained and the company promoters had to tutor the engineers in the installation techniques and methods of setting up the electronic security devices. The company lacked government support as well. It solely depended on newspaper advertisements for people to notice their products. It was only after 2001 that people gradually became aware of their products, leading the company to witness an immense growth in its sales.

Industry perspective

During 1997, when the company was floated, very few people were aware of such high-tech electronic products and the concept of security system integration. Hence only the elite class and the high-end business houses bought those products. At that time, the company’s turnover ranged between Rs 4-5 lakh. However, after 2000-2001, people became more aware of these products, and today the company has a strong client base. It has developed long-term relationships with many clients across various parts of the globe, and has earned a prominent position for itself. The company’s unit is efficiently managed and operated by a qualified and experienced team to produce high quality products. Base has also created an exclusive unit for installation, commissioning, service, after sales support and maintenance, manned by the most qualified engineers who have the ability to cater to all the technical requirements of the customers.

Future plans

The company hopes to attain a 100% growth in the next few years. Around 5 years back, the company had a total turnover of Rs 5-10 lakh, which has increased to almost Rs 1 crore at present. Five years down the line, the company wishes to see more commercial and domestic response, and is striving to attain the top-most position in the recent future.

This industry is growing at a fast pace, according to Mr Sharma and he hopes that it will only move ahead, with an increasing demand for these products and services in both the domestic and overseas markets.

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