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Retail Company Review

Brandhouse Retail - driven by a resurgent Indian economy

Brandhouse Retails Ltd has carved a niche for itself in the dynamic Indian economy by attracting shoppers from different socio-economic backgrounds

Brandhouse Retails Ltd (BHRL), in all its flamboyance, has become the one of the few retail chains in the country to capture the interest across the socio-economic spectrum of the Indian society. This advantage is provided to it by its locations which are usually tier II and III cities. This wholly owned subsidiary of S. Kumars Nationwide Ltd was established in 2004.

A customer-centric initiative, BHRL was set up as a pure play retail organisation. As a company that caters to the entire spectrum of the socio-economic stratum in the Indian market, the retail firm’s expertise ranges from mid-price to the lifestyle and luxury segment.
The aim of the organisation has always been to achieve a customer-centric retail business and over the years it has attained a certain excellence in its line of business. BHRL is amongst those companies that are registered on both the BSE and NSE.
This customer friendly retail business is sprawled over 91 cities with 784 stores, which are both company operated and franchises. The brand outlets are located in high streets, malls, luxury shopping arcades and five-star hotel properties, among others. The headquarter is in Mumbai.
Line of business
Every basic amenity categorised under retail, right from textiles, apparels, home textiles to fashion accessories is available at BHRL. The company is also amongst the leading fashion retailers in the country. The brand retailing managed by BHRL includes names such as Reid & Taylor, Belmonte, Carmichael House, Stephens Brothers and Dunhill.  
BHRL is driven by a team of specialists with experience in retail and brand building, whose proficiency is focussed to retailing of fashion wear including textiles, apparels, home textiles and fashion accessories.
Dedicated management and team work makes the company dream to be the “Retail Gateway” of India. Having its expertise in each area from lifestyle to luxury retail, the company believes that it is just about near its goal.
Product portfolio
BHRL sells a wide range of products from home utility products to luxury items. It has carved a name for itself as the only retailer to be able to cover a very wide segment of the socio-economic spectrum.
The operational aspect of the retail chain is quite elaborate. Marketing, business development, human resource development, store operations, IT, buying of merchandise, logistics and supply chain and finance are the operations that this retailer conducts.
BHRL, by operation is conscious only about the quality of the products that it sells. Going by demand for its products, it is evident that BHRL has managed to meet its customers’ requirements.  
Shareholding pattern
BHRL is a public listed company, being registered in both BSE and NSE.
Nitin S Kasliwal is the CMD of BHRL, while AC Shah, Alexander Shaik, Anish Modi, Dara D Avari, Denys Firth, Jyoti N Kasliwal, Nitin S Kasliwal, Pulak Banerjee and Tarun Joshi are the directors.
BHRL’s total income stood at Rs 6598.002814 million for the year ending March 2010.
BHRL’s net profit stood at Rs 162.086609 million for the year ending March 2010.

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