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Kingschest taking online home décor retail to new levels

Tie-ups with leading brands and eclectic collection make it a virtual game changer in the industry

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The eclectic range spanning countries such as Italy, Spain, Turkey and Japan and India puts forth the choicest of products that are ideal for the modern home.

On the occasion of its launch, Rajat Nagrath, CEO of stated, “With Kingschest, we wish to offer a superlative buying experience and concierge service for the modern Indian, executive and upwardly mobile in their home, workspace and lifestyle purchases. We are striving to bring together high quality products while ensuring fastest deliveries possible with complete product checks.”
Mr Nagrath adds, “The idea is to guarantee a satisfactory purchase so that we can constantly inspire our shoppers.”
Appealing collection
From award-winning show stopping conversation starters to minimalist modern pieces, the extensive range of products at Kingschest are put together to appeal to one’s individual aesthetic sense.  
Well known designer labels and handpicked products from Kingschest’s very own in house brand jostle for space, bringing a touch of grandeur to create one’s personal paradise. Each piece is either sourced from manufacturers, authorised importers and master designers or upcoming artists to present a perfect amalgamation of assorted décor ideas. 
In addition, Kingschest has licenced for India, from Varatys,  a Berkshire Hathaway company, the Virtual Room designer for the Indian consumer to allow any home owner to choose paint colour shades, flooring options and trims for various room options such as bedroom, living room and the like to “Virtually” visualise and plan the interior theme and style of their home.
The website is truly the next step in online home décor retail and promises to offer great deals to the consumer. According to brand expert Enakshi Kundu, “Online retail is reaching new heights each day and companies that establish a brand name quickly can go a long way in this market.”
With focus on design and durability, assures quality and great pricing on exclusive products that one would like to own and surround oneself with.
Tias Chakraborty

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