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Brand Desire survey showcases Indian psyche

Mercedes, Apple and Microsoft among most desired brands in India, according to survey

A new consumer survey has brought into light the aspects about a brand that appeal to the Indian consumers. The survey found that Indians have an affinity towards brands that embody success and luxury. Mercedes, Apple, Microsoft and Sony remain some of the most desirable brands in the country and the top 10 list makes it evident that the consumer just cannot get enough of them.

The list of the brands in order of their desirability, Microsoft, BMW, Google, Apple, Adidas, Mercedes, Audi, Disney, Sony and IBM, makes it clear that only the companies that have been around for years and have been ingrained in the minds of the public have made to the list.
Growth drivers
The survey states that the massive middle class demographic in the country, which has been reaping the fruits of resurgent India has been targeted by the brands with an appeal that speaks of achievement, success and pride. It adds that the Indian consumer is looking for brands that are confident, modern and ambitious in their approach.
The Brand Desire survey was conducted by Clear, part of the M&C Saatchi Group. According to Clear Singapore managing director Charlotte Wilkinson’s press statement, the Brand Desire survey is aimed to understand the causes that makes one brand more successful than another in the Indian and Chinese markets as well as across the world. He explained that despite the differences, there were certain similarities in the way the consumers sought out branded products and services. While the Indian consumers preferred brands that are hard working and practical in appeal, their Chinese counterparts wanted ones that allowed them to express themselves better.
The survey covered more than 22,000 people across six global markets and 555 brands. In India and China, around 5000 consumers were covered under this study.
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