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CCD to retail coffee machines

Company to ensure quality after-sale service for the machines and also dispel the notions about making espresso at home

Café Coffee Day (CCD) has revealed plans to make its foray into the consumer durables segment by retailing its espresso machines soon. The machine will be available in two variants- the semi automatic and the automatic. Considering the presence of the brand across the nation, the machines are likely to get a good response of the Indian consumer.

With the number of coffee drinkers going up everyday, the espresso machine is a great move by the coffee retailer that would make it possible for consumers to enjoy café like coffee at home. According to the press statement by CCD president S Vejay Anand, the company understands the growing coffee culture in the country and wants to get rid of the idea that making espresso at home is difficult. This is also the first machine that the company is retailing and therefore it wants to leverage the back-end for roasting-grinding coffee, Mr Anand added.
According to Mumbai based homemaker Meena Ganguly, “A coffee machine at home saves a lot of time and money as the kids often want to go the café. Also, it is ideal for that midnight coffee when you are working or studying late into the night.”
Capsule machine
Explaining further the new venture by CCD, Mr Anand explained that the coffee will be packaged in a tub called a capsule. All one needs to do is put the capsule into the machine and one can get an espresso within a few seconds.
CCD will be launching the capsule machine in Bengaluru and Mumbai in the next few weeks. It also plans to make the product available in seven other metros soon. The company will also be laying great stress on the after-sale service aspect of the machines. The coffee machines will be retailed at reportedly a very competitive price of Rs 4500 and Rs 5500.
Tias Chakraborty

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