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Right staff training important for retailers

Providing the right training to staff crucial in enhancing retail experience of customers

While retail therapy is known to cure many a woes of a woman, customer service could be the single biggest factor in this therapeutic experience. With immense competition in the market and massive growth of the well-informed customer base, more and more companies today opt for lateral hiring of staff rather than hiring of freshers in spite of the higher cost. This is mainly because the retailers have realised that training could play a crucial role in helping the staff become more courteous, efficient and pleasing for the customer.

In spite of drastic changes in the retail staff training options today, consumers in India find several lapses in the system. “In a large format departmental store, I often find myself waiting in long queues for paying the bill. Sometimes the cashiers are slower than usual which results in further delay. It is essential that they are given proper training before they start working on the floor. Also, staff are not cooperative at times when the rush is more. This is common in almost all large format stores,” says Thane based professional Gaurav Mukherjee.
Growing importance
A recent poll by Retailing360 saw voters unanimously agreeing that the staff in retail stores needed to be trained more for a better retail experience. One retail segment that can set an example is pharma retail, which is forced to hire only certified and trained staff.
Bengaluru based B-school student Prinsu Jain says, “The retail sector is a rapidly growing sector and many of my classmates have shown immense interest in joining the industry. MBAs, however, enter at a different level and may not necessarily interact directly with the customer. They can play an important role by implementing policy on customer relations in retail.”
With the rapid growth in retail education and the opening of large format stores in metropolitan as well as tier II and III cities, staff training and overall enhancement of the retail experience has assumed more importance than ever before.
Tias Chakraborty

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