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Discount season a semi win-win for retailers, customers

Discount season offers retailers to clear stock as well as see increase in sales volume

As shopping malls go abuzz in the discount season, one of the biggest questions for the buyer remains whether the customer is getting what he/she wants at the cheapest price. Many feel that though retailers offer low prices, the collection can often be disappointing. However, several buyers end up making purchases only keeping the low prices in mind and therefore retailers see a great volume in their businesses. Therefore, for the retailer, discount season usually ensures great volume in sales from not necessarily the regular customers only.

A recent survey by Retailing360 saw voters unanimously agreeing that discount season offers the best deals. For the retailer, it definitely does. For the consumer however, the situation remains semi win-win. With prices of goods increasing rapidly, these offers have also begun to interest the Indian buyer more than ever.
Bigger volume of sales
According to Caroline Fernandes, brand consultant and creator-facilitator, theBARCODE, an established brand building and consulting firm in Bengaluru, “For the retailer, the discount season can be conducive. The purchase volumes are always larger in this period. Volume centric markets are targeted and retailers know that these buyers will shop maximum when the rates are lower. From the consumer’s perspective, these deals can also be a great opportunity to get great deals on merchandise but often the higher quality products are left out of the discount or sold out before the discount season. Retailers usually provide such discounts when they need to clear their stocks for the new stocks to come in.”
Kolkata-based shopaholic Madhusmita Dasgupta says, “Most of the big brands offer discounts on products that either did not sell throughout the year or are of lesser quality. For this it is important to buy less and buy smart throughout the year.”
Therefore, relying on the discount season alone may not always be the best choice for customers.
Tias Chakraborty

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