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The Crafts Council of India (CCI)

The Crafts Council of India (CCI) is a voluntary organisation formed to protect the interests of the handicraft sector and promote overall growth of the segment.
Established in 1976, this organisation is headquartered in Chennai. It has a network of 10 affiliated State Councils and is a member of the World Crafts Council (WCC).
CCI has been involved in facilitating the growth of the handicraft sector by organising workshops, seminars and conferences on a regular basis. It organises events aimed at boosting the income of artisans and craftsmen from different states. It also provides scholarships to children to promote the traditional handicrafts of the country.
To boost sales and cater to the increasing demand for Indian handicraft products in the urban areas, CCI organises trade fairs in several tier I and II cities each year. It also imparts training to handicrafts manufacturers and retailers to help them adopt modern marketing techniques and expand their markets.

As a member of CCI, you can access useful information pertaining to the handicraft sector. You can also establish trade linkages with handicraft distributors and retailers to market your products in the untapped areas.

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