Tuesday, May 15, 2012: 09:00:34 PM

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Tesco to Create 20,000 Jobs in Britain

UKís biggest retailer, Tesco, confirmed that it would create 20,000 new jobs in Britain over the next two years. The company aims to focus on providing opportunities to young people who are currently unemployed, and will generate various positions through investments in customer service, refreshing existing stores, and opening new ones.

The announcement generated positive nods from various quarters, where the move is considered a massive confidence boost for the economy. The announcement is a major relief for trade unions, who have had to deal with an economy struggling to recover from recession. The retailer had registered poor sales during the Christmas trading period and had warned that its annual profit growth would be low. The company also maintained that it would guarantee a paid job to any employee who successfully completed a work-experience programme. Currently, Tesco is the countryís largest private sector employer with over 2,90,000 staff.

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